"Caroline is a rare and gifted practitioner. Over the years, I have referred several top executives and Harley Street clients to Caroline for treatments for a range of issues. Despite my initial doubts and skepticism, I have witnessed results that have deeply impressed me. I wholeheartedly recommend her."

- Dr Sanjay Chaudhuri MBBS BSc

"I was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and have been going to Caroline regularly for treatment. The benefits of realignment physically are huge but just as important the treatment has helped me emotionally to feel good about myself and my situation"  

- Jackie Britneff

“Caroline uses her immense experience, her skill and her uncanny gift for getting to the nub of the problem for helping a wide range of problems that a conventional medic might take forever to diagnose.  She has helped my son with his asthma, my daughter with tension which manifested itself as headaches and stomach aches and myself with coming to terms with feelings and situations which had built up over several years" 

- Roseanna M

"Caroline has a magical touch - since she has been treating my daughter with ADHD the results have been extraordinary, for both her physical and mental well-being" 

 - Emma Hardie

“Caroline is an expert at her subject. She has become one of the leading experts in the UK in this dynamic therapy sacrial cranial. She has sorted out my TMJ which was caused by a combination of sports injury, professional speaking around the world and poor posture. She has studied the world’s authorities in this subject traveling to the USA and Canada many times. I would recommend her to anyone”

- Derek Arden

"I had never heard of Cranial sacral therapy until 13 years ago when experiencing severe pain with siatica I was recommended to Caroline.  The first treatment was an amazing and successful experience and since then if ever my body or mind needs rebalancing I always  book myself with Caroline for this soothing,non invasive treatment"

- Magi Colonnese

 ‘When I first went to Caroline my body (from being a professional dancer) was a bit of a state!  She has put me back together again and is the most wonderful practitioner with an incredible technique and feel for the body.  My jaw had totally locked and was very uncomfortable and she has completely eased it and maintained it (which has meant not having lots of dentistry/jaw work).  She is truly amazing for body and mind and I would highly recommend her.’

- Alice B

"I was quite unsure as to how cranialsacral therapy would help with chronic back pain, but on the strong recommendation of a friend decided to try treatment with Caroline. I have to say that  this was one my better decisions, as her treatment has been so successful in aligning my body and relieving my pain. There were unexpected emotional benefits too as I feel quite inexplicably "lighter in mood and  liberated."

- Ros

"Caroline Laurence is a truly outstanding practitioner. The work she does has a profoundly positive effect on the central nervous system and therefore on all levels of human function"  

- Neil Cox, Chiropractor

"After a few sessions with Caroline I felt that I had been let out of an internal cage." "You were the final piece in the jigsaw for me". "I don't begin to understand what it is that you do but I know that it works." 

 - Joanne B

"To say that Caroline gives a treatment is the ultimate understatement.  During each of my sessions, I felt like the most valuable jewel in the hands of a healer.  I felt safe, secure and respected.  I feel privileged and blessed to have received the gift of her treatments." 

- Bernadette Fahy